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Student Stories

Rosanna from Italy

Rosanna Scaramuzzo from Italy spent two semesters as an exchange student at the University of Passau. She came to Bavaria because her university in Italy is affiliated with the University of Passau. The city’s proximity to Austria and the Czech Republic also attracted the 23-year-old student.

She immediately felt at home at her German university. “The buildings are very new and modern, the courses very interesting and the professors very nice and helpful, especially to international students. The libraries are also very comfortable, quiet and very well-equipped and food at the refectory (Mensa) is delicious and quite cheap.”

It’s no surprise that during her time in Passau Rosanna missed “the Italian weather, the sea and pizza.” Nevertheless she settled in her new home town in no time at all. “ Everyone is nice and helpful, and I felt very much at home,” Rosanna tells us. “Bavaria is a peaceful state, where you can always feel secure and where you can also have a lot of fun.”

Now Rosanna is back in Italy and planning to apply for a master’s degree in interpreting.

When we asked her whether she has any advice for other international students, Rosanna replied: “I don’t think they need any advice. It’s very easy to feel at home here.”