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Student Stories

Erdenechimeg from Mongolia

Erdenechimeg Dashsonom, 26, from Mongolia, studies Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten in the Allgäu region. She chose the University of Kempten, as “degrees from Bavarian universities have a great reputation and I had the opportunity to enrol in a practical course here.” 

Erdenechimeg particularly likes the beautiful landscape, mountains and cows of the Allgäu, which remind her of the Mongolian countryside. In her spare time she enjoys hiking in the mountains, inline skating, taking Zumba classes at her local sports club or visiting sights such as Neuschwanstein Castle or Ottobeuren Monastery. 

Since moving here, Erdenechimeg has also become a fan of Bavarian food: “I really enjoyed tasting ‘Schweinshaxe mit Kraut’ (pig knuckles and sauerkraut) and it has since become my favourite dish”, she says. She misses some traditional specialities such as “Buuz” or “Chuushuur” from Mongolia, though.

Erdenechimeg’s advice for international students: “Speaking English at German universities is an advantage. Parts of the curriculum are sometimes taught in English. You should also come here with an open mind and the motivation to meet and become friends with German students.”