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Student Stories

Stanislava from Bulgaria

Stanislava is a 28-year-old student from Bulgaria. She studies German as a Foreign Language, German Linguistics and Pedagogy at the University of Augsburg. Before coming to Germany, she attended a secondary language school with intensive German courses in Bulgaria. “We had some teachers from Germany who would tell us many things about their home country. I became so interested that I really wanted to study here,” she explains.

She was particularly attracted by the degree courses and programmes for international students offered at the University of Augsburg. The idea of studying at a campus university (where student accommodation, teaching and research facilities are all based on one site) also intrigued her. “So far I’d only seen that kind of university in films,” she says.

Her favourite places in Augsburg are: “The university campus, where I can meet students from all over the world. I also like the old town, which is like a fairy tale world with its tiny alleyways and historical buildings. And the Siebentischwald is my oasis to relax and unwind.”

When she is not studying, Stanislava works as a student assistant at the University of Augsburg’s international office. She enjoys the job so much that it has also influenced her future career plans: “I really want to work in an international environment and with people from different cultures,” she says. 

Her advice for other international students: “Take your time to get to know the country and its people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you have problems with the language to start with. It’s important to meet and speak to local people and other international students, so that you learn more and feel more at home in your new home country. You could join university clubs for example, take part in activities your university organises or move into a shared house with other students.”