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University Types

The Right University for You

No matter where you choose to study in Bavaria, you are sure to receive an excellent education. Universities offer numerous study options ranging from traditional subjects such as Medicine, Economics or Law to degree courses in Africa Studies, Brewing Technology or Nanostructural Engineering.

After you have finished your course, job opportunities in Bavaria are equally abundant and diverse. Equipped with the latest knowledge and expert skills, Bavarian university students take up employment in many different fields, such as business, medical care, engineering, scientific research, or teaching.

Depending on the particular career path you are interested in and your preferred method of learning, you can choose between two university types – research universities or universities of applied sciences.

Research Universities (Universitäten)

Research universities focus on traditional academic training. While most of them offer a wide range of subjects, some specialise in particular fields, such as the humanities, sciences or technology.

Studying at a research university will provide you with first-rate qualifications for jobs in many different areas. For certain professions – such as high school teaching, medicine or law – degree courses can only be taken at research universities.

All research universities offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. If you are interested in a career in research and want to enrol for a doctoral degree, this is also the perfect university type for you.

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Universities of Applied Sciences (Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften)

Degree courses at universities of applied sciences combine a research-based approach with more practical training. All degree programmes include work-placements, and courses are taught by lecturers with several years of experience in the industry.

At these universities you can enrol for bachelor’s, master’s and diploma (Diplom) degrees. Some universities of applied sciences now also offer exceptional students the opportunity to study for a doctoral degree in collaboration with a research university.

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Other Types of Universities: Universities of Arts (Kunsthochschulen)

Do you want to train as a professional painter, musician, actor or film-maker? Then consider applying to one of the specialised universities of arts. There are two state universities of fine arts, three state universities of music and one state university of film and television in Bavaria. Be aware that there are special admission requirements for many of these universities including aptitude tests, and competition for places can often be fierce.

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Private Universities

Most universities in Bavaria are state-owned. These institutions can offer excellent teaching and learning facilities, mostly free of charge, as they are financed by the state. Apart from these institutions there are also a number of private universities. Please consult the websites of individual private universities for more information.

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