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Student Stories

Rodrigo from Mexico

Rodrigo Aguilar, 26, is from Mexico. He is a student of economics at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.
Rodrigo decided to study in Bavaria after German exchange students told him about Bavaria, and because he wanted to experience something different after living in Mexico City. “A typical historical city in the north of Bavaria seemed to be perfect,” he recalls. He particularly likes the fact that he “can enjoy two cities at the same time, because the university is situated in Nuremberg as well as in Erlangen.”

What surprised him at first was “the fantastic mixture between tradition and innovation” in Bavaria. He also loves the beautiful landscape – “however, I can also recommend the food, for example Schäufele with a good Weissbier.”
Even though he misses the weather in his own country and the Mexican food, he loves living in Bavaria – “especially because of all the friends I made here,” Rodrigo explains. He wants to continue studying in Bavaria with a master’s programme after graduating.

Rodrigo has a useful tip for international students: “If possible, you should learn a little Bavarian or Franconian. That is always highly appreciated by the locals.”