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  • Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg

Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg

The ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS IN NUREMBERG, founded in 1662 as the first school of art in German-speaking central Europe, sees itself as a laboratory engaged in unrestricted research and creativity. Liberal and applied arts constitute the main areas of instruction.

The Academy tries to make all forms and expressions of contemporary artistic practice possible and to comprehend these in their proper social and historical-critical contexts. The basis of such education is the encouragement of each student’s individual development.

Creative discourse thrives upon differing aesthetic points of view. For this reason, specialists from a wide variety and disciplines are regularly invited as guests; thus, students may gain insight into fields that are seemingly unrelated to art. Changing appointments and guest professorships stimulate and broaden the spectrum of artistic endeavor.

Teaching takes place today in an ensemble of transparent pavillions that were designed by Sep Ruf und have been classified as a historical monument. Located at the edge of the city, the campus offers an intensive work atmosphere. Artistic techniques are taught in outstandingly well-equipped workshops. In the exhibition hall of the Academy and in the Gallery of the Academy, young artists, some for the first time, publicly present their work.

Partnerships with colleges in Western and Eastern Europe – Budapest, Cuenca, Helsinki, Cracow, Palermo, Riga, Urbino, Vienna – make it possible for students to complete part of their course of study abroad.

About 310 students are presently enrolled  in programmes with an optimal student-to-teacher ratio.


  • Fine and applied Arts
  • Visual Arts Fine Arts
  • Visual Arts Fine Arts (Sculpture)
  • Sculpture
  • Fine Arts Liberal Arts
  • Painting
  • Fine Arts focusing on Painting Liberal Arts and Painting
  • Photography
  • Gold- and Silversmithing
  • Graphic Design/ Visual Communication
  • Art Education
  • Fine Arts and Art Pedagogy Education
  • Painting and Art Education
  • Live Art Forms

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Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg
Bingstraße 60
90480 Nürnberg
Tel: 0911 9404-116
auslandsamt(at) (website in German)


Nuremberg is the center of the metropolitan area in the North of Bavaria. It impresses with its size (neither too big or too small) and its wonderful historic city with lots of interesting sights, such as the Imperial Castle, the House of Albrecht Dürer, the St. Lawrence’s Church and around Christmas time the world-renowned Christkindlesmarkt. In the summertime you can rest, dream and catch some sun in the meadows around the river Pegnitzor cool down in one of the city’s many swimming pools. Culturally, the city also has much to offer: the New Museum, the Kunsthalle and the Germanisches Nationalmuseum as well as many other, smaller galleriess host interesting exhibitions for art-lovers.

The famous music festival „Rock im Park“, that takes place in Nuremberg every year, is definitely also worth a visit.

Nuremberg’s excellent infrastructure makes  it an important city for fairs and congresses. For example the world’s largest International Toy Fair takes place here.

More than 34.000 students are enrolled at the universities of Nuremberg and create a  perfect atmosphere for student life. Numerous bars, clubs, parties, cinemas and concerts further add to the great student vibe in this wonderful city.

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