Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts

My Checklist

  1. Find your university and degree course

    Use our Course Finder to search for degree courses at Bavarian universities or browse all University Profiles.

  2. Check admission requirements and application procedures

    When you have found a study programme you like, check the admission requirements. Sometimes you may also need to pass a language test. Also find out about the application routes for different degree programmes.

  3. Check visa requirements

    Before you can start planning your stay in Bavaria, you need to check which visa requirements apply to you. This depends on your nationality and the length of your stay in Germany.

  4. Mark application deadline in your calendar

    There are different application deadlines, depending on the degree course you have chosen and whether you want to start in the winter or summer semester.

    Find the application deadline that applies to you and mark it in your calendar - you don't want to miss it!

  5. Prepare and send off application

    Once you have compiled all necessary documents, you can send off your application. If you have any questions concerning the application or course requirements, contact the university's International Office.

  6. Improve your German language skills

    If you want to study in Bavaria, it is advisable to learn German even before you arrive. Most degree courses are taught in German. So you need to understand and speak the language to follow lectures and take part in seminars. That's why you normally have to pass a language test.

    Even if your degree courses is taught entirely in English, it is still a good idea to learn German to help you in everyday life.

  7. Make sure you have sufficient funding

    Even though tuition is free at Bavarian universities, you still need to make sure you have sufficient funding to cover your living costs and administrative fees.

    Find out more about budget requirements, living costs in Bavaria and ways to finance your studies.

  8. Find accommodation

    Once you have arrived in Bavaria, you obviously need somewhere to live. Find out about the different types of accommodation available and make sure you allow yourself enough time to find a room or apartment before university starts.

  9. Arrange transport to Bavaria

    Do you need a plane ticket to get to Bavaria or can you go by train or bus? Arrange transport early to make sure you arrive in time and get the best deals.

  10. Register at Einwohnermeldeamt (Registration Office)

    Once you move into a room or apartment in Bavaria you need to register at your "Einwohnermeldeamt" (city registration office) within seven days.

  11. Register at your university (matriculation, in German: “Immatrikulation”)

    You will normally find dates for enrolment at your university on your letter of acceptance for your degree course or on the university's web pages.

  12. Arrange health insurance

    Depending on your nationality you may have to sign up with a health insurance provider in Germany. Read more about health insurance

  13. Make new friends and enjoy your life in Bavaria!

    You have organised everything - now it's time to start university and enjoy your stay in Bavaria.