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Student Stories

Mohammad from India

Mohammad Moonis, 30, from India, is a doctoral student in Environmental Science at the University of Bayreuth. He decided to enrol for a degree in Bayreuth after spending a semester on an exchange programme here, which he really enjoyed.

He is particularly fond of the beautiful countryside in Bavaria and admires the rich culture and history of Bavarian cities like Augsburg, Regensburg, Würzburg or Munich. In his spare time Mohammad often visits the city centre of Bayreuth. “It is my favourite location because activities such as concerts and the Christmas market take place here. Many historical sites and shops are located in and around the city centre,” he says. He also likes sampling the many different brands of beer that you can find in every Bavarian region which all have “a distinct taste and aroma”.

In Germany Mohammad does not miss anything, except his family and friends. “I enjoy living in Bavaria and Germany,” he says. 

Mohammed’s tips for other international students: “I advise students coming to Bavaria to learn German and to find out more about Bavarian culture and etiquette. You should also attend events like Oktoberfest. Instead of making friends from your own nationality, try meeting students from Bavaria. Bavarians are very approachable, cool and easy to get along with.”