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Student Stories

Loïc from France

Loïc (27) comes from France and is currently pursuing a doctorate in informatics at the Technical University of Munich. After having learnt German for some years, he wanted to improve his vocabulary and fluency.

The thing that strikes Loic about Munich is “the surprisingly green aspect of the city. Everything is very clean, and gives an immediate impression of safety and calm”. His favourite place is the Thalkirchen area by the Isar, where he enjoys having  barbecues on the river bank, or riding his bicycle. “It is amazing that there is so much nature so close to the city centre,” Loïc says.

He finds Bavaria very beautiful, especially since there is a huge variety of things to do – in the city itself, of course, but also at the surrounding lakes and in the mountains. Loic explains that “the state is also ideally situated to visit other countries like Austria, Switzerland, Hungary or Italy”. In fact, he misses almost nothing from his home country. He even claims: “in my everyday life, I hardly notice a difference between France and Germany”.

Loïc loves the international aspect of his university: “you get to know people from so many different nationalities,” he says. “In our department alone we have over fifteen different ones!”

He has an important tip for future international students in Munich: “Finding somewhere to live can be extremely difficult. What worked well for me, was to first look for a sublease, which is usually easier to find. Then you are in a comfortable position to find a better apartment”.