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Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU)

The KU stands for education that is rooted in values: It places particular importance on not only imparting specialist knowledge, but also social skills and actively encouraging personal growth and social commitment. The KU is a cosmopolitan campus university with an international focus and is open to students of all faiths. At our university, we recognize and support each student, embracing their unique characteristics and talents.

Our approx. 5,000 students learn and study in a welcoming atmosphere and benefit from personal supervision, an interdisciplinary study offer, excellent facilities, and a global network of more than 280 partner universities.

Excellent teaching

We are committed to offering our students excellent opportunities for academic qualification. At the KU, learning and teaching are closely connected to research and the advancement of scientific knowledge. However, studying at the KU goes far beyond simply acquiring knowledge, for it is only in the process of personal development that students can truly unfold their potential to the fullest. 

This is why we attach particular importance to imparting social skills and advancing our students’ sense and value orientation in addition to providing them with a high level of academic and methodical qualification. The KU provides an ideal framework for this by offering an excellent staff-to-student ratio.


  • Business Administration and Economics (Ingolstadt)
  • History and Social Sciences
  • Languages and Literatures
  • Mathematics and Geography
  • Philosophy and Education
  • School of Transformation and Sustainability
  • Social Work (School of Applied Sciences)
  • Theology

Degree Courses

The KU offers an interesting range of varied degree programs, many of which can be studied in English, such as the Master’s program in “Business and Psychology”, the Master’s in “International Relations” or the Bachelor’s program in “Data Science".

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Accommodation in Eichstätt and Ingolstadt

Eichstätt and Ingolstadt

Studying at the KU means living in one of the regions in Germany with the best quality of life. Eichstätt is located in the heart of Bavaria. With a population of around 13,400, it is the smallest university town in Europe. It is easy to meet people in Eichstätt; but if you ever feel like a change from the small-town feel in Eichstätt, the cities of Munich or Nuremberg are just an hour’s drive.

However, there is plenty to see in Eichstätt too: Imposing baroque buildings give the old town an element of Italian flair. The Willibaldsburg castle with its famous Archaeopteryx fossil towers over the town. The university buildings’ modern architecture has won many awards. The town is framed by the Altmühltal natural park – a paradise for nature lovers with many opportunities for cycling, hiking, climbing and canoeing. The green spaces of the Hofgarten, the outdoor swimming pool and traditional beer gardens are popular destinations in summer.

Approximately every fourth Eichstätt citizen is a KU student - a fact which has a strong influence on the town. You can find numerous bars and cafés in the town center. According to a ranking by the German news magazine ‘Focus’, the district of Eichstätt is the best place to live in Germany. For many years, the unemployment rate in Eichstätt has been the lowest in Germany and the town is very safe.

Ingolstadt, where the Ingolstadt School of Management is located, is one of the youngest of Germany’s large cities with a population of 135,000 and a very strong economy. Several world renowned companies such as Audi, Airbus, Media-Saturn and Hipp have their headquarters in the Ingolstadt region. The city’s theater and numerous museums are just some highlights of the diverse cultural offer. The city’s architecture is influenced by its history as ducal seat and home of the first Bavarian university.

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