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Student Stories

Jelena from Serbia

Jelena Opricic, 23, is from Serbia and studies for a European Joint Master’s Degree in English and American Studies at the University of Bamberg. 

“When considering where to continue my studies, I took into account several criteria,” Jelena says. “As a student of the Humanities I was able to find a degree course that is to my liking and that suits my interests at the University of Bamberg. Of course, the beauty and sights of Bavaria also helped my decision.”

At Bamberg University Jelena is particularly impressed by the excellent rapport between students and professors, the extensive library and resources and the great choice of courses. “The courses vary in topic and type, so you can easily find something suitable for yourself. Every course is a small adventure and a true pleasure for hard-working students,” Jelena explains.

In her spare time Jelena takes part in a salsa dancing group at the University Sports Centre. She is also a volunteer for the intercultural learning and exchange organisation AFS Interkultura Serbia. 

In Bamberg Jelena loves spending time in the city centre. “Its magnificent medieval houses spread across the narrow cobbled streets make me gasp in wonder,” she says. “I particularly like the great number of bridges, big and small, which give you the feeling of floating on water.” She especially enjoys the view from the university library, located in an old medieval building on the river Regnitz.

At least once a week Jelena also visits castle Altenburg. “The hiking path reveals the natural beauty of Bamberg and its surroundings and once you are at the castle, on top of the hill, you feel like having the entire city in the palm of your hand.”

Jelena’s advice for international students: “If you choose Bavaria as your next study destination, try to find out as much as possible about the lifestyle even before you arrive here. Wherever you come from, be ready to experience a new culture, enjoy your stay, meet new people and see great places. You will most definitely fall in love with Bavaria!”

Jelena Opricic has been awarded a BAYHOST scholarship. Read more information on scholarships in Bavaria.