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College of Catholic Church Music and Musical Education in Regensburg (HfKM)

The College of Catholic Church Music and Musical Education in Regensburg (HfKM) is the oldest operating institution of its kind in the world. Encouraged by Franz Liszt, Cathedral Choir Master Franz Xaver Haberl privately founded the College in 1874 as “Kirchenmusikschule Regensburg”.

In 1973 the school became an academy, the “Fachakademie für Kirchenmusik und Musikerziehung”. In 2001 the College of Catholic Church Music and Musical Education was formed, administrated by a church foundation, the “Stiftung Kirchenmusikhochschule Regensburg”. The College adheres to the same high standards as other colleges of music in Germany.

The College’s efforts in recent years to constantly improve study conditions and to reorganise the structures of study programmes have certainly paid off. Ever since its move from Sedanstraße to its new buildings at St. Magn in Stadtamhof in 1977, the College has benefited from an ideal setting. However, after a complete refurbishment in 2008, facilities have improved even further.

As a result of the Bologna process, the College introduced bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the winter semester of 2008/09. They replaced the school’s previous undergraduate and postgraduate diploma degrees. Implementing this reform did not cause any major problems, as it had been carefully prepared in co-operation with teaching staff and students over a period of several years.

From its foundation, the College has had an international impact well beyond the German-speaking areas. Young men and women from all over the world come here to study. Ever since the opening of borders to the East, an increasing number of students from the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia choose to study at HfKM. It must certainly be of special interest for the German church and state to forge contacts with colleges of music, universities and musicians from Eastern European countries, where an education in church music was not encouraged during communist times.


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Hochschule für katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik
Andreasstraße 9
93059 Regensburg
Tel.: +49 (0)941 83009 0

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Why study in Regensburg?

As the oldest church music institution in the world and youngest college of church music, HfKM offers you excellent study conditions. Living in the College's integrated dormitory can save you travel time and money. In addition, the study options at HfKM College offer many opportunities for artistic and educational advancement beyond the core church and school music courses.

The College is based in Regensburg, an attractive city with a long history that goes back to medieval times and a Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site.

Many cultural and musical events take place in the city, covering a variety of musical genres (Early Music Days, jazz, city theatre, cathedral music, etc.) which are particularly interesting for students of Music.

More information on the city of Regensburg:


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