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Student Stories

Ekaterina from Russia

Ekaterina (23) from Russia is currently studying M.S. Consumer Affairs at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). After a visit to Bavaria during an exchange semester at Mannheim University, she realized that she wanted to live in the “so-called European Silicon Valley”. Especially the high level of social security and the beautiful nature appealed to her. Ekaterina mentions that "although Bavarians hold on to their strong dialect and national costumes, Bavaria has excellent technical universities and public research institutes, and is ranked well above average in Germany and the EU regarding innovative performance."

At her university, Ekaterina particularly enjoys the “variety of courses offered, and the opportunities to study by doing project work”, as well as the overall flexibility and autonomy of the students. “After finishing my Master,” Ekaterina goes on, “I am planning to stay in Bavaria and to get work experience in my field. By understanding how business works both in Russia and in Germany, I want to contribute to strengthening the bilateral Russian-German relationship.” Ekaterina warmly recommends buddy or tutor programmes, which are offered at most Bavarian universities. “Knowing a local can smoothen first days in the new country and you can even become best friends,” she explains.  “Also don’t be afraid of speaking German to local people, they are mostly kind and helpful.”  

In an imaginary postcard to her friends and family she would conclude: “With love from the state of warm-hearted people, delicious food, Alps, beer, and sun.”

Ekaterina has been awarded a BAYHOST scholarship. Read more information on scholarships in Bavaria.