10 Reasons to
Study in Bavaria

Choosing the right university is a big decision for students and their families. Apart from the range of institutions and degree courses on offer, there are also many other factors to consider, such as the quality of education, the location of the university, learning and leisure facilities and financial issues.

We hope that study-in-bavaria will assist you in the decision-making process and will help you find the right university for your particular interests and needs. If you are considering Bavaria as a possible study destination, here are some of the reasons why other international students have decided to study here.


1. Top Universities

Top Universities
Top Universities in Bavaria

All Bavarian universities offer an exceptionally high quality of teaching and research and enjoy an excellent international reputation. Independent accreditation agencies regularly monitor all institutions and courses to ensure the highest standards.


2. Unique Landscape, Culture and Lifestyle

Beautiful surroundings
Beautiful surroundings

Bavaria is one of the most beautiful states in Germany. Visitors from all over the world come here to experience its dramatic views, charming landscape and many historical cities and cultural attractions. Many enjoy the bavarian lifestyle and its culinary pleasures. Excellent transport connections make it easy to travel around.


3. Career Opportunities

Career opportunities
Excellent career opportunities

Bavaria has one of the strongest economies in Europe. Many international companies are based in the state, opening up job opportunities for highly-skilled international graduates. Students can gain practical experience and make valuable business contacts throughout their studies.


4. Free Tuition

Bavarian universities offer free tuition
Bavarian universities offer free tuition

Bavarian universities do not charge tuition fees. Students are only required to pay a small administrative fee every semester. Bavarian state universities can offer top facilities and free tuition, as education in Bavaria is financed by the government.


5. High standard of living

Enjoying life
Enjoying life

Bavaria’s standard of living is very high. You’ll find Bavaria offers a great infrastructure, plenty of job opportunities and a wide range of recreational activities. If you take all that into account, the living expenses are reasonable. Particularly in smaller towns and cities, you can find very affordable student accommodation, which you won’t find necessarily in large cities like Munich. Expenses for groceries are fairly modest in Germany, especially when compared to many other European countries.


6. Excellent Support

International students are well looked after
International students are well looked after

Every Bavarian university has an International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) that is dedicated to the welfare of international students. A team of highly skilled and friendly advisers help students with any questions or problems and organise special events and programmes.


7. An International Education

International students in Bavaria
International students in Bavaria

Bavarian universities offer a very international education. Universities are proud of their numerous partnerships with universities, research institutions and businesses around the world. There are also a number of degree courses that are completely taught in English.


8. Security

A safe environment
A safe environment

Germany is a very safe country, no matter where you travel. Bavaria is one of the safest states with the lowest crime rates. Students from all over the world can feel very secure and perfectly at home here.


9. Bavarian History and Traditions

Experience Bavarian traditions

Every year thousands of international visitors come to Bavaria to see its historical sights and experience traditional festivals. You can also experience the famous Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit” (cosiness) at the Oktoberfest and many other festivals and events all over the state.


10. A Green Environment

Study and relax outside

Bavaria offers an extremely green and clean environment – both in its cities and the countryside. When the weather is nice, students can work outside in one of the many parks or gardens. All Bavarian regions also offer excellent sports and leisure facilities and ideal surroundings for busy students to relax and unwind.

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"I chose to study in Bavaria, as it is the biggest and safest state in Germany."

Juliet from Palestine

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